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1.  How do I sign up for the message board?
Click on the link to the left that says "Message Board". You will then see a link that reads "register". Simply click on that link and fill out the required information. If you choose a user name that does not identify you, please put your first name in the signature section. An administrator will activate your account shortly after you register
2.  I registered but am unable to post a message
You should receive a confirmation email after you registered. Your mail server may think this is junk and divert it to a junk mail folder. Check that folder for email from "". You cannot access the Members Only forum until you pay your dues. If problems persist, send us a message using the contact us form.
3.  How do I find out about Club Events?
Click on the event calendar to see the various events. Many will be group runs, local races which many of us participate in, and pure social events like dinners, parties, or drinks. See the message board for additional information.
4.  How is the website updated?
The website is updated by volunteer web admins. We are not perfect but you can always get our attention by an email to
5.  How safe is personal information?
Posting personal information on the message board like phone numbers and addresses is not allowed. The board is open to the public so you if you need to contact an individual member and don't know their email address, you should use the private messaging feature on the board.
6.  How do I upload a photo to the photo gallery?
If you have a photo that you think will be good for the website, email it to with a suggested caption
7.  How Do I change the style/theme on the message board?
When you are logged in, click on profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it reads "Board Style". Select one of the styles and click submit on the bottom of the page. Note, when you are not logged in the default style will be shown.
8.  I don't see my race history when I search under my name
First, you must request that your name is searchable. To do that, email Also, if you are new and haven't run any races under the TRD flag, you won't see any results.
1.  How do I become a member?
Joining is easy. Just start showing up for runs or events. To request more information, click on the "Membership Info" link on the left.
2.  What if I don't want to run a marathon?
We do not pressure anyone to run a marathon. In fact we don't care if you ever race, the idea is to have fun and reach your running goals, whatever they may be.
3.  I am a pretty good runner, you guys sound too laid back for me.
We have runners of all abilities and goals. If you are an elite runner and want to be challenged by your teammates on a daily basis, then we are probably not the club for you. However, we have several Boston Marathon qualifiers (both men and women) on our team and many of our members race shorter distances at or below 6:00 pace (men) and 7:30 (women).
Group Runs
1.  Are there any speed qualifications?
Runners of all abilities are welcome to any one of our workouts. Most members run between 6 and 10 minutes per mile. All of our runs are 4 miles or longer. There are four group runs a week, and attendance varies from a handful to a crowd. With a larger turnout, we typically break into smaller groups according to pace so that no one is left running by themselves.
2.  I am training for a marathon, do you have long runs?
Since most of our members, who run marathons, run fall marathons. We hold scheduled long runs in the late summer and fall. During other times of the year our members usually incorporate our Saturday Group Run into their long runs. It is typically pretty easy to persuade a fellow member to "go long" with you.
3.  How far do you run on the group runs?
Our standard distance for the group runs ranges from about 4 to 7 miles. Members often add or subtract from the standard run based on fitness or current running goals. For example, a runner just coming back from an injury might cut off the top and bottom of the park by crossing at the 72nd and 102nd transverses, reducing a 6-mile run to 4 miles.
Profile Pages
1.  How do I add a profile?
If you have an approved username and password (for the message board) then all you need to do is login to create your profile
2.  What is the Free Form field for?
You can create whatever field name you choose. Simply enter a name for the field and the text that you want to add to it.
3.  Why does my photo look different
Photos are resized when they are uploaded. This allows them to fit into the space provided and reduces the bandwidth when loading the page.
4.  Do I have to enter all the information?
All information is voluntary
5.  How do I get my signature (on the message board) to link to my profile
Go to the message board and click on profile. Then scroll down to "Signature". Copy and paste the following link and replace YOUR_USER_NAME with your actual username

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