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I can proudly say I was one of the first members of TRD, and joining the group has changed my life. I ran the 2000 marathon and trained with the group. Its hard to explain the bonds that were created during that time, but luckily for me they are still just as strong. I can't imagine a world where I would not have this group to train with!
After searching far and wide for people to run with, I found The Reservoir Dogs website in September 2004. I knew I liked them even before I ran with them (they have pictures of fun social activities like brunch!). Any group that values eating as much as running has to be amazing. Running with them only reinforced this belief. They were a great support as I painfully trained for and completed my first marathon, and now continue to be awesome running partners, and more importantly, friends. Eat and Run with the Dogs, you'll love it.
I joined TRD back in 2000 on the day that it was founded, and 4 years later I can't imagine what life would be like without this group! The funny thing is: I hardly ran at all with club members during my 1st year, attended a few social events (Xmas party, picnics the Park, etc...) and just slowly got to know some fellow dogs, at my own pace. Never felt any pressure to do more, or to be more than I wanted to at the time, and that alone endeared TRD to me forever: this Club will let you BE. Whatever you want. Whenever you want/can. Life changes and you might too but I've found that TRD members are always there for you, whether you do a little or a LOT with them (a lot is more fun, though, in my own experience on both sides of this fence!!!) I ran a couple of marathons in 2000/2001 and experienced great support from the group, including very useful weekly speed classes. After an injury a couple of years ago, I had to drastically reduce my running and found, once again, terrific support among the doggies: not only did they help to maintain my morale while sidelined, but some even joined me in crosstraining activities, leading up to our first "group" triathlon last year in Harriman State Park!!! Now that I've finally decided to make more time for the Club, I am constantly amazed by the quality of our members, not just as runners but as PEOPLE! This is so much MORE than a pure running club, not only in terms of what we do, but in terms of who we are: I consider TRD members my Friends now, first and foremost, THEN my running /athletic partners. So DO join us: whatever you put into this club, I'm sure you'll get back tenfold. As I have.
I was one of the members that joined the TRD in late 2000. Pre-joining, I had to train alone because none of my friends wanted to run past a mile or two. The worst was 3 hours of running in solitude in the park right before the NYC marathon. After discovering the TRD group, I have run 4 more marathons and I have enjoyed training for every single one! I've found some great friends and words can not describe how much the TRD has made life simply the best!!
I joined TRD in 2001 when I was training for the New York City Marathon. What I got from the group was much more than I ever expected: a great group of people who not only inspired me to push myself as a runner, but who also became my good friends. I also found a wonderful guy to marry. What more could one want from a running group?
I was one of the early members back in 2000. It has been a great experience running and socializing with some really great people. I highly recommend if you are looking for good running company and fun people.

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